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    Patch Manager updating every hour?


      Around Thanksgiving, Patch Manager started telling me it had updates about every hour all weekend long and into this morning.  Here is what I saw in my email about once an hour.  Is this something on my end or on SolarWinds' side?



      Patch Manager Update Services



      Patch Manager Server (xxxxxx) has synchronized 5 catalogs from Patch Manager Update..

      ·         0 new packages

      ·         10 revised packages

      ·         0 expired packages


      New or Revised Security Packages included: None

      New or Revised Critical Packages included: None

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          I believe I got that one time.  It was for a bunch of Adobe stuff iirc.  The email notice I believe comes from your end.  If you set it to 1 hour, youll get it once an hour.  Why you got it a bunch of times would be on solarwinds side id imagine.


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              I've been having the same problem for the last several weeks. It is definitely an issue on the SolarWinds side. Something with their update department. I had the Adobe several weeks ago, now it is is 2 updates every hour. This is the third time it has happened this year. The first time, they acknowledged the issue and I believe it was reported on here. Second time several weeks ago, their support wanted to remote into my environment to look, but the issue is on their side, i'm still waiting to hear back from them, meanwhile i continue to get alerts every hour for the same 2 updates.