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    Exporting NPM Node Properties


      I would like to select a few sample nodes from NPM and export all of their properties to be used as a template when adding new nodes. (Or to restore/undo the node after it is removed)


      The only thing close to that I found was "Export custom property values" after selecting a node under "Manage Nodes":


      However after expanding the advanced section, several of the available properties are actually node specific statistical data:



      Is there a SWQL query that would yield the type of properties from an existing node which I could use build a "add node" template to be used with CRUD operations.

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          Mark Roberts



          It is not clear exactly what you are looking to achieve. Are you wanting to import custom property values easily to new nodes or are you referring to a monitoring profile i.e. which interfaces, volumes, if CPU/memory should be captured etc.?


          For Custom Properties, export everything and then use Excel to create your 'template' by deleting columns you do not need. You can then remove the rows and save as a template for you to populate and import when necessary.


          If a monitoring profile, you will need to go down the API route, which is clearly more involved.


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              Hi Mark, thank you for the response. Based on what you have explained I am definitely looking in to a monitoring profile to easily add new nodes using the SWQL API.


              To be more precise, the following two functions on the python swisclient implementation:

              orionsdk-python/add_node.py at master · solarwinds/orionsdk-python · GitHub


                   swis.create('Orion.Nodes', **props)

                   swis.create('Orion.Pollers', **poller)


              Here props and poller are dictionaries/lists containing the properties to be used by the API during node creation. Because we have several customer which have different monitoring requirements, I would like to sample these values (pollers and properties) from an existing node for a customer, to be used as a reference (or monitoring profile as you mentioned) on future node creation for that customer.


              Any links to documentation referring to this topic, specifically 'monitoring profiles' (and how I can dump a node's props and poller dict to create such profile) which can be used by the SWQL API on future node creations are very welcomed.


              Thanks again,


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                  The guys in lab coats from Solarwinds instructional videos keep claiming they monitor the Thwack forums closely to provide assistance but cannot answer a very simple question such as this?


                  Per documentation SWQL *does not* provide SELECT * queries, so I could not possible dump all of a nodes properties by issuing:


                  SELECT *

                  FROM Orion.Nodes

                  WHERE Node='xyz'


                  So how else one could dump a nodes properties from SWQL? This does not ring like rocket science.


                  Thanks in advance