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    Can't display the view in menu bar



      I'm trying to customize a menu bar, but the view I created does not show up in the list of available views when I customize the menu bar.

      I'm using NPM 12.0.1, UDT 3.2.4



      * I copied a default view "Default Tracker Summary" (in /orion/admin/ListViews.aspx)

      * So I got the view "Copy of Default Tracker Summary"

      * now, I went to "Configure Menu Bar" ( /Orion/Admin/SelectMenuBar.aspx )

      * I edit a menu, and "Copy of Default Tracker Summary" does not show up in the left list of available views


      Did I miss something ? What could explain I can't see the view ?


      Thanks a lot for your help.



        • Re: Can't display the view in menu bar

          I eventually found the answer,

          it might be interesting for someone else :


          You need to go in the "Edit Account" : /Orion/Admin/Accounts/EditAccount.aspx

          Then, in the following section, you need to apply the "Device Tracker Summary" view per account basis.


          User Device Tracker


          However, in the Menubar, you need to add the default "Device Tracker Summary" view to make the menu visible.

          And then, the view is overloaded by the account settings


          Hope this help.


          JT Graveaud