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    NCM Manual Download of Configs - timing issue


      Hi Folks,


      we have a NCM Only installation where we usually do automated config backups during the night.

      Now some of our admins complained that they are not able to either download a running or a startup config of a Cisco device that is TACACS enabled.

      We narrowed it down to the following:


      - When you download either config (Running or Startup) you need to wait approx 30 seconds before you can download another config (manually) - we were able to verify this with a few nodes.

      - This happens with either prototcol (SSH or Telnet)

      - This only happens on some nodes, not on all nodes


      We assume the following:

      - TACACS is configured that only 1 connection per user at a time is possible

      - when we disconnect from a node, the information needs to be sent/processed to the tacacs server depending on the tacacs config, and this is the duration when we can not log in again to the device


      We are not maintaining the TACACS System and only have a brief understanding of that, but we need to get as much information as possible to ask the TACACS admins to help us out.


      Can someone give us some ideas on how to troubleshoot