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    Create Rule to warn when no events are received - Offline Node




      Can someone please advise how to create a rule when a node stops sending logs or is offline.  This is for a node that does not have the Agent installed(Citrix Netscaler in this case).


      I have been trying to set up a rule where the correlation time is zero, so it would be zero events in 15 mins but can't seem to set it to anything below 1.


      Something similar to the "Node Health" widget that will forward an email.


      ANy ideas/help is greatly appreciated.

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          I don't believe what you are looking for is possible to do in LEM. There is no feature which let's you pick 0 event in LEM. [you would have to submit a feature request for this].

          There are specific events for when an agent goes offline [Rule notification when a LEM agent goes offline - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support ], however for a syslog node, without an agent, I do not believe that it is possible to set up a rule if the syslog node goes offline or stops sending logs.

          Possibly if the connector for it stops, yes. But the node itself, no.

          LEM doesn't check the health of a syslog non-agent device, instead it patiently waits for a node to send in some syslog logs so that it's connectors can normalize them for you into a readable format.


          It sounds more like NPM feature what you are looking for.

          It doesn't monitor the node, it monitors the logs coming into it.

          Perhaps a feature request form can be submitted for it?