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    Bulk "ressource" interface change


      I need to change on 1200 switches the port that need to be monitored (fasterthernet 0/3 => 0/5)

      I didn't find a way to do it using the Orion web interface and I would like to avoid to do that by changing the "resource" switch by switch


      Any advice ?



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          Raul Gonzalez



          I would recommend to create a network sonar discovery with only those devices that you want to modify, and when dinamically selecting the interface, create a filter that only imports interface fe0/5 (or whichever interface you need). After that I would go to manage nodes, change view to interfaces and then do a search for fe0/3 and delete them (just the ones you need to delete).



          1. Settings -> Network Discovery
          2. Complete all steps with the nodes you need to reconfigure
          3. Once the sonar disvovery has finished, under the interfaces tab, click advanced settings and create a query like:

          (probably more sofisticated)

             4. Finish process


          After these steps, you just need to remove the old interfaces, the best way is:

          1. Settings - > Manage nodes
          2. Change to interfaces

            3. search for fe0/3 and delete the ones you don't need any more.


          I hope you find this useful.




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