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    How to restrict Tech's from editing ticket request types.


      We have created more than 20 request types in WHD. There are request type with different tech groups, different teams assigned to it and different approval process as well.

      So recently we have started facing issues like Tech's changing the request type of the ticket while working on it.


      For example, we have a Help Desk parent request type and within that we have to child request types as

      • Infrastructure Issues
      • Infrastructure Request


      Now, Infra issues tickets are directly assigned to Help desk team on creation and Infra Request tickets have to go through approval process before being assigned to Help Desk team.

      Now after tickets gets assigned to Help Desk team there are few occasions when the Tech changes the request type of the already approved ticket while working on it, resulting in the ticket goes again in approval process.


      So, we want to make Request type field non-editable for techs. Is there any way we can do this?