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    For thos Unix/Linux experts.


      Good afternoon.


      I have a question with regards to SNMP settings on Unix.  We have a few machines (about 50 or so) that would need their SNMP settings changed.  Is there a way that you can run this as a bath file or something similar?  I have done some searching on here and on an internet based-search engine and not found that much with regards to making to records of SNMP details.


      Any Linux person(s) have any experience on this?

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          All of our unix/linux machines have a standard snmpd.conf file.  If you are comfortable with the same, you could simply scp the snmpd.conf to each server and script an snmpd restart.  Secondarily, it might be beneficial for you to download and install webmin so you can centrally manage these servers and issue bulk commands.


          One final method would be to install and use ansible to do this type of function.  This is probably the preferred route.  You can use ansible for so much more than multiple server configs.

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