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    Checking In, and Schedule


      Hi beta testers!

      I wanted to check in and see how it is going... have you been able to install DPA, run the script and monitor some databases?  Let me know.

      FYI - I am out of the office Wed-Fri this week for Thanksgiving, but have availability Mon and Tue afternoon if you need help.  I am also available the following two weeks, but we are trying to wrap up the beta feedback by Dec 9th.


      Here are some screenshots of my environment:

      Output while running the script, really cool it can pick up the entire environment:

      I showed you the spreadsheet on the original post, but here is the environment - 23 SQL databases added via the script, and 1 MySQL added manually.It took about 20-30 seconds for each database to register.  


      Here is a lightly load SQL DB, showing some of the new metrics.


      Looking forward to your feedback!