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    Alert needed for a ESX ramdisk.full error


      Hello all,


      I am a complete newbie with solarwinds so go easy on me :-) . We are migrating from the free version of Veeam to VMAN but we have one alert in Veeam which I cant seem to find similar. It is to do with the ramdisk getting full due to a Qlogic bug in  ql_ima.log which eventually grows to a size that fills up the ramdisk on the host server. The description from veeam is " The file table of the ramdisk 'tmp' is full".


      What I am looking for is a alert which will tell us when either the ql_ima.log file gets to a size over 180000000k or the host gives us a storage warning.


      Is this even possible through VMAN or Orion


      Thanks for any help.

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          if I understand correctly, this is a bug in the QLogic driver which fills up the /tmp partition on ESXi. It seems that VMan does not collect information about the partition. It may still be possible to get the information from Orion though, since it uses different APIs to access various devices.


          I did a bit of research and it seems that the issue at hand can be fixed by upgrading the QLogic driver, so this might possibly help you too.




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