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    Solution Recommendations?


      I am working with a client of yours TradeStation Group in Plantation, FL. They currently have a huge amount of alerts being generated from three types of interfaces.


      1. Your SolarWindows products

      2. A Home Grown very rudementary database product using SQL and tables

      3. SNMP logs


      They currenty have no means of deciphering the alerts being generated. They are creating about 7500 tickets a day and alot of these alerts are inoculous and are taking up the time of the Network Administrators that could easily be filtered through the help desk and worked or dismissed because there duplicates etc.


      There goal is to elimminate, group, route or setup work flows for severity of these alerts so that there admins are not spammed all day via emails for alerts that are not necessary or alerts that could be handled by lower level support options through the help desk.


      Currently they have Alert Central installed they installed it about 2 years ago but it has not been configured or setup. I am not sure this is the best option for them for what they are trying to accomplish.


      What they ae wanting is to:



      1. Reduce the Number of Alerts in the system

      2. create a process around alerts to reduce the number of alerts that require intervention from the administration team

      3. create reports that group alerts by sources over a specified time, reports for alerts from their ETS ticketing system that is home grown using SQL

      4. Determine a SLA if needed

      5. setup a SOP for alerts



      What would be your best possible solution using the solarwinds suite of products to accomplkish this. What product would you suggest to be able to accomplish this? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.