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    Relocation/Refresh of Solarwinds & Pollers


      Wanted to ask feed back from people regards the following....


      Looking to relocate our Solawinds x 2 pollers from 2 x Win2008 R2 servers on to Win2012 R2 servers. I was never involved with the previous ones. So going forward I want to make sure they are done right.


      The Module versions start back at v10 for NPM and SAM v6 etc so this has been upgraded many times and more than likely left residue of old registry etc which I want to clear out. Plus we have had these servers for a fair while. We have had issues & bugs which stems partly because of this also so a refresh would only help improve over heath and performance. So the plan is to put all the latest modules on including hot fixes as well as separating the drives and the web site to a separate server. Also look at provisioning the CPU/Memory correctly. The modules we have now have grown massively. Another reason for all this is we are relocating our database to a newer version hence why I'm thinking of refreshing Solarwinds at the same time.


      Just wanted to see if any body else has go through something similar already and can give any tips or gotchas to watch out for.


      Plus anything I may not of thought of.


      Grateful for any input......