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    Does High Availability cover Stacked Pollers?


      Hi guys,


      Reading through online documentation but can't find an answer to this question.

      Could a kind sould please confirm whether HA would be able to install on/cover a Stacked Poller server?



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            Jan Pelousek

            Hello, well High Availability is the framework with decision logic, implementing the mechanisms for monitoring, services handling, failover and so on. High availability pool is always covering the entire server. The Platform version with HA has quite different model of licensing (and also web based license manager), defining so called License Leases. When you create the pool, all the license leases (platform, module, HA, scalability licenses...) are copied to the standby server, so they're ready at the time the failover occurs. High Availability itself doesn't handle installation of the servers, but the platform ship the lightweight installer, which is able to install the additional pollers, websites and the standby servers. Regarding stacked pollers - here we are talking about multiple scalability engine (APE) licenses assigned to the single server, so the High Availability as is shouldn't have any problem with it, just is worth after upgrade to the latest version to check the scalability (stackable) license assignment as the migration from the previous version is not trivial.

            I hope it helps to understand