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    Can you use a smart tv/monitor to display NOC view?


      I am looking to setup a large screen monitor/TV in the I.T. area to monitor the NOC view. I would like to use a Smart TV with WiFi so I don't need an additional computer to run it. Does anyone know if this will work? I am trying to keep from using a computer and just pull up the web page and I think it should work.  Any recommendations?

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          This is another good thread...

          Display Solarwinds on Samsung TV


          Particularly Jphilopeana's comment.. this was aimed at a Samsung TV so ignore that if its not your one.


          "Is it a newer Samsung with built in browsing and wired/wireless Internet connectivity?


          If so, get the monitor set up with an IP and allow it into your Solarwinds system (firewalls, etc).  Use the built in browser to pull up Solarwinds.  Set the user to a dedicated page and configure it to work with the monitor and the information you wish to present.


          This will work for a status and non-interactive type of display.  If you need interaction, then the thin client is the route to go."

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            Eewwww!  Another IoT device on your internal network--in your NOC?


            Who manages / updates / secures that TV?


            I've recently read so many cases of folks installing IoT or network-aware appliances, and then having their homes or businesses compromised by hostile remote access through the new IoT boxes, and I'm calling a moratorium on their installation / use until they can be scanned by Security, analyzed for vulnerabilities, and assigned to the appropriate teams for remediation--or they're removed / isolated from my networks.

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              I agree with rschoreder's comment about IoT devices, they will be the downfall of many enterprises. On a positive note, at least you will possibly end up supporting a bad actors zcash mining efforts (google it zcash mining virus). We have smart Tvs but we don't use the network features. They are just big cheap nice looking LEDs really. I then plug them into an Acer Veriton that is a Windows based PC running in a box smaller than a dictionary. We have the Acer devices managed by our security team, scanned and updated as any other enterprise device. They run silent and minimal heat. No fan worries so they are mounted behind the TV and out of sight. use a wifi keyboard to control them and they are set to our Orion view by default. Works great and still allows you to maintain security over the devices as any other desktop or laptop on your domain.


              Here is a link to one- prices are under 200 bucks and they run forever.