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    UDT - User Device Tracker


      All, i'm looking to install UDT onto my current Solarwinds console. What I need to achieve is probably the most basic function of UDT. I want to monitor my access switches, standard desktop ports. I want it setup so as any desktop by host name, needs to be added to a whitelist before getting access to my network, Is this achievable using UDT?


      Do I need to collate a full list of current Host names and create a Whitelist before installing UDT? Or can we monitor ports for a few weeks, anything discovered within that time frame added to a New whitelist, then going forward as part of an desktop audit build check, new desktop host names have to be pro actively\manually added to the New whitelist?


      What I don't want is to install UDT and  monitor ports and by default Desktops getting blocked cause I haven't created\setup a whitelist.