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    How do you configure the time zone settings for NPM?


      I'm running NPM 11.5.3.

      I looked around Thwack and there didn't seem to be a consensus on where the time zone "set" in NPM. Some posts said that the local time setting on the Operating system was used wherever the NPM poller was installed, others said it was a setting in an IIS config file.  I can't find a setting in for this in the Web UI.


      So: If I want to make sure I'm set up correctly to use xyz time zone, where do I configure this?


      If there are multiple apps to configure this for, I'm running:

      Orion Platform 2015.1.3

      NCM 7.4.1

      IPAM 4.

      IVIM 2.1.1

      UDT 3.2.3

      DPA 10.0.1

      QoE 2.0

      SAM 6.2.3

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          Adam Stephen



          There is no timezone setting in the GUI how ever the time setting on the application server is what sets the time.  The database also stores data in GMT time.  You can create SQL queries for time offset if needed.

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              well...I may have an odd issue then . After digging around it appears some of my Orion metrics (like CPU usage and Disk throughput/IOps) but not all of the metrics (like interface utilization, memory) is populating data in the UI one  hour *into the future*. I checked the data in the UI and it appears that this jump occurred on Nov 6th @ 2 AM (it jumped from 1:55 AM to 3 AM, there was no data for 2:30 AM), right when the daylight time savings was supposed to go *back* an hour.  I figured that some setting was messed up somewhere, even though I'm not sure how it would go forward an hour when everything is supposed to go back an hour.


              I queried the data and I believe this will get me the latest CPU detail record in my DB:


              select top 1


              FROM [SolarWindsOrion].[dbo].[CPUMultiLoad_Detail]

              order by TimeStampUTC desc


              The record it returns for TimeStampUTC is "2016-11-11 18:35:57.767" (or 6:35 PM). If I look up how that converts into my local time, it is correct in that it was 12:35 PM (Offset = -6).


              When I go onto my NPM application server (it also has the poller on it). I run this powershell command:

              PS> [TimeZoneInfo]::Local

              Id                         : Central Standard Time
              DisplayName                : (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
              StandardName               : Central Standard Time
              DaylightName               : Central Daylight Time
              BaseUtcOffset              : -06:00:00
              SupportsDaylightSavingTime : True


              Which also reports -6 UTC offset.


              The Windows clock on the NPM server/poller actually has a helpful little message of "DST ended on Sunday, Nov 06, 2016 at 2:00 AM.  The clock went back 1 hour at that time" so the time change on this server occurred as expected, and it is at the correct time at this moment.


              So it appears the data in the DB is being collected properly, and the Windows server time is set correctly....but the UI is showing it an hour ahead for only some metrics, so it must be in Orion somewhere...but since it's only some resources and not all it seems even odder...I would have figured an incorrect time zone offset would have caused all the data to shift.  I also would have figured that the UI would have a time zone setting tied to the user login account so it can show all data relative to the user time zone settings, but that appears to not exist.


              Any thoughts or has anyone else seen this now or before?  If not I'll open a ticket I guess

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                  We just upgraded to NPM v12.0.0 and the issue seems to have disappeared.  After the upgrade I went in and "cleared/reset" some of the local databases (*.sdf databases) with the blank templates provided (which I used to do after every patch/update/maintenance etc.) per these instructions : The job scheduler database file is corrupt - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support  as we had in the past some issues that would corrupt the databases) so I'm not sure if it was the upgrade, or this database cleaning...or just restarting the application/rebooting that fixed it.


                  Note: these are the DB's I normally "fix" when there may be issues. One of them seems to have been removed with the v12.0.0 upgrade.  I searched the file system and found a few more "new"? *.sdf files, but I didn't mess with them.


                  C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\Collector\Data\JobsTracker.sdf and PollingController.sdf

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                There's been a request for time zone support floating around for years. It sure would be nice if the developers would listen to the users on this one...