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    Limiting techs by department in SWHD


      I am looking to limit the assigned techs that show up by department.  Overall we have a division with 150+ people.  When I reassign to a department within the division I would like to see the techs associated with the department I choose not all 150+ employees.


      We will have 7 departments. Certain techs will be assigned to the corresponding department and should only be able to see tickets under that department. My issue is when I have a ticket assigned to a certain group, say 'infrastructure' I want to be able to see techs only assigned under that department when I drop down from the "assinged tech" menu. Instead, I see ALL techs from across all departments. How do I remedy this to only see the techs in the corresponding department?


      To further clarify:


      Department -
      Infra Ops
      Assigned techs
      infra test
      infra test 2


      Department -
      SaaS Ops
      Assinged techs
      saas test
      saas test2


      When i change departments to Infra ops within the ticket, I only want to see infra test/ infra test 2. Instead I see all infra test and saas test 'techs'.



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          1. In the setup area under Locations and Departments you can create a Department  group, in your case you might name the department group the tech group that contains the techs you want to show up. 

          2. Under the Assigned Departments tab you can then add each department that you want to be in that department group and have access to those techs.

          2. Next in the setup area to to Techs and choose Tech permissions.  There is an option there to limit by Department group check that box.  This will ensure that techs are separated by departments.



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