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    Quick / Fast / Speedy / Simple - Tickets


      What are we (my team of 6 and me) missing?


      We have created our own simple database that we use to record ALL contacts to our Helpdesk.


      Who contacted?

      When they contacted?

      How they contacted? - telephone, email, in-person

      Why they contacted? - just 5 simple categories (incident, informing, question, service request, request for change)

      Why they contacted?  just 3 simple categories (incident, request, overhead) ~ an overhead contact being when the call etc. isn't an incident or a request its just someone asking "is Joe there?" or "is the Internet working?" that sort of thing...


      And we record if the persons "issue" required being turned into a WHD ticket. Presently 37% of those contacts do not become WHD tickets.


      We have done this because we tried the Quick-Ticket feature of WHD and found our own implementation of that idea far quicker. It also shows realtime feedback i.e. has the caller already called today etc.


      Are we the only ones?