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    Name-SW01 -  Status 2nd-floor-SW - Summary


      Dear All,


      I noticed whenever i click any node its showing me Name-SW01 - Status 2nd-floor-SW - Summary  .The highlighted red colour is showing me incorrect .May i know how this can be resolved .it should show me only Node name :2nd-floor-SW


      Name-SW01 (this is incorrect  ) - Status 2nd-floor-SW


      Thanks in advance

      Hadi Baig

        • Re: Name-SW01 -  Status 2nd-floor-SW - Summary

          The word you have highlighted in red is not the device name - it is the view name.  The default for the page you are showing would be "Node Details".


          I suspect there has been a custom view applied to that node, and named "Node Name"


          To fix:


          • Click edit node
          • Look for "View type used for displaying details about this node" and check this is default


          Hope this helps