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    Twice now we've had NCM report get stuck caching which causes all of our reports to stop running.


      I'm running NCM 7.4.1 and the only way I've been able to fix is to manually edit the database table NCM_Policy reports and change the caching status for the report from 2 to 0 in the database table to get it unstuck.  I have a case #1075066.  Does anyone know what really is causing this?  I'm on the phone with support and they said something about bug in regex or indexing as two reasons caching could get stuck.  The real problem with this is it stops all of your other compliance reports from running which is really bad.  Also you can't do anything with any of the other reports until I edit the table.  This has happened with more than one report.  Apparently there's a way to isolate which rule is having regex problems..  According to SW it's not a bug in the product but how it's being used??? We'll see support is supposed to be mailing me some process to try.