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    Solarwinds IPAM, NPM, User Device Tracker, and LEM Review


      What industry is your company in?

                My company works in the financial industry. To be more specific Credit Union.

      How large is your IT shop? (Small (1-250 elements); Medium (251 – 2000 elements); Large (2001 to 10000 elements); Extra-large (greater than 10,000 elements)

                We have seven branches so I would say we are medium sized.

      Which SolarWinds product are you writing this review for?

                We currently use the following in our company: Solarwinds IPAM, NPM, User Device Tracker, and LEM

      What problem were you trying to solve when you purchased?

                We wanted an all inclusive suite of products that are easily accessible and easy to configure. We like solarwinds products because they are customizable to your network needs. New modules or sets of software are easily added           when needed.

      Did you consider options other than SolarWinds? Who?

                We considered free alternatives to the above software, but they had drawbacks because they were free. Lack of support, not updated regularly, and all they systems were from different vendors and didnt have exactly what we           needed.

      How are you using the product and what benefits have you seen?

                We use the products vigorously. As a credit union we have federal guidelines that we must follow and LEM helps alot with that. We use User Device Tracker to help monitor who connects to our network and if they need to be on it.

                Using all the products has greatly helped in times of auditing and general security of our network.