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    Troubleshooting deadlocks


      Hello - new to Thwack, so pardon me if I am putting this question in the wrong place.... My company uses DPA (for SQL Server) for troubleshooting performance issues, and it works quite well - I am certain we don't use it to it's full potential in that area but it still has helped us tremendously.  We are now faced with a sudden increase in deadlocks.  Online researched has shown that DPA has some very good tools to help with deadlock resolution - but it does not appear that I have those tools available to me.  Do I have an old version of the software?  Is there a configuration change or module that needs to be installed for me to get these valuable tools?  I am referring specifically to the reference found here:

      Deadlock analysis in DPA - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


      Regarding software version, I cannot even determine which version we have - how do I do this?  And then how to I get that handy looking Deadlocks tab to show up on my trends page?


      Thank you kindly, in advance!