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    What are the benefits or advantage to being an SCP?


      Other than the badge and Certificate, what are the advantages of becoming certified in SolarWinds?

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          Certification provides at least the following:

          • A degree of competence in the product lines, which is the result of studying for the test
          • Exposure to product features and conditions of which you may not have been aware.  Broadening your horizon and becoming more experienced, more knowledgeable, is seldom a waste of your time.
          • Another item for your resume, if you are looking for promotion or a different job.  You've proven you've increased your value to employers with each certification or degree you earn, if those items are applicable to your job description
          • A nicely framed certificate
          • Any other swag you can manage; I think I got a nice aluminum insulated hot/cold tall covered cup.  Which isn't dishwasher safe.
          • A Solarwinds badge for your Solarwinds online profile


          Anything else you get out of becoming a Solarwinds Certified Professional will come as the result of your efforts to leverage it to improve your situation.  If you sit on it, you won't get much besides the certificate, frame, and swag.  If you use it to prove to your boss you are a self-starter, someone who does what it takes to get the job done without prompting, sacrificing your own time for the company's benefit, you may be able to get a raise out of it.

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