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    Report to show configured alerts with trigger actions for specific customer nodes.


      As the title says, I would like to create a report that will narrow down a specific groups of alerts (we have alerts created per customer, several of our customers have alerts configured on this server), and for each one of the customers devices narrow down what alerts can trigger and what action is taken when that alert triggers.


      I know this is asking a lot as I cannot find an answer to this on Thwack, the closest I could find is Re: How can I generate a report that shows all confirgured alerts with trigger/reset actions for each node? which is not resolved.


      I think the best path would be joining the dbo . actions (description) field and the dbo. alertobjects table together, but I don't really understand how to do that. I got a little progress by creating:


      SELECT Top 1000 * FROM [dbo] . [AlertObjects]

      WHERE RelatedNodeCaption LIKE '%Customer Name%'


      But from here I don't understand how to get the JOIN restraint to work.


      Any help would be VERY greatly appreciated.