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    Ongoing Need for SolarWinds Engineers (mostly UK, London) to Work on Short/Mid-Term Projects


      Hi Guys,


      Over the past few years I have been working as a consultant in London helping many organisations to succeed and be better off with SolarWinds implementations. I now constantly receive many calls from different agencies and companies who have been refereed to me. As of now I am a "solo-pilot" - I do projects myself, one-after-another, and unfortunately often I have to turn them down. They always ask if I know someone Well - I do indeed - there are soooooo many of you here


      If you would like me to refer you next time I receive a call for yet anther great opportunity - please bookmark this thread as I will be updating it with latest opportinities I receive in the future. If any of those will be of an interest, simply give me a shout and I will connect you with the right person


      P.S. Please do not send your CVs - I am not a hiring manager. Get in touch, we will have a quick chat and then I will connect you with the right person... after that you can send your CV directly to the them


      Good Luck!


      Alex Soul