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    No response from support


      I haven't posted here in quite some time, but I have an issue with Technical Support.  I have a LEM appliance continuing to show file system errors on one of the mounted file system.  I followed the instructions of the Knowledge base that indicated rebooting appliance from the CMC command line.  Did this multiple times and the auto fsck on start up stopped at the same point on the disc check every time.  Of course this means that the data on the disc now might be corrupted.  I place a ticket with Tech Support categorized as Urgent ( a non working system seems to be urgent to me) yesterday.  As of this point in time, no one has picked up the ticket.  I guess my definition of Urgent is far different than Solarwinds.  Since Solarwinds doesn't provide the root password I can't get in and run a manual FSCK on the disc.  Also I can't proceed with a scheduled PCI audit until this is working.


      If this is an indication of Solarwinds tech support response, I have other places to look for products.  Now I know it didn't used to be this way.  I have been a Solarwinds customer for 15 years.  The only reason I haven't experience issues with support in the last couple of years is that I changed jobs and just now had an opportunity to recommend and purchase a Solarwinds product with my current employer.  Now I certainly don't want look like a fool for that recommendation.  I don't care how good your product is if you can't support it when it breaks then it's a major problem.

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          Did you get a chance to follow up your ticket with a call to SolarWinds tech support (866.530.8040, Option3)?  I normally wait on the phone until one of the SolarWinds Tech Support Engineer's picks up.



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              Ditto; if I have an urgent issue, I'll create the ticket online, then call and wait.  I'll t/s in the interim.

              If I get it resolved, easy to close, but at least the process is started and when they pick up the ticket, they can get a sense of what the issue is.

              Agreed that support is slow to respond/over capacity right now...I suspect it is b/c of so many modules new releases based on updating the core of the platform and the upgrades occurring since.

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              Hi Jeff,


              I'm sorry to hear that your Technical Support experience hasn't been satisfactory. Can you please provide me with your Case Number & I'll ensure it's dealt with accordingly.



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