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    SCP certification free or how to register?


      Hi all,


      Thought i start off with the reason why I joined this community. I was looking into the monitoring solutions provided by SolarWinds, and then the first thing I Googled was certifications.


      How else to best validate the skills you acquire than getting the certification.


      I tried having the look at the webinars available, but the links dont work. If anyone has the videos downloaded or a link where i can get them to prepare my self for the certification it would be helpful.


      Also didnt try to register yet but havent yet come across the cost of the exam. Probably will by the time i get a good response. But if any of you know all these details and could guild me to get certified, help would be much appreciated.




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          Solarwinds Certified Professional training resources and testing are free.


          Some links you can access and begin learning include:

          Every SCP Question Ever

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          I watched every video, read the manuals, and researched the SCP information available on Thwack. Everything I needed to understand and pass the test was there, just waiting to be accessed at no charge.


          However, understanding the product well enough to administer it is very important.  I believe I had more useful information from managing NPM and NCM and NTA for the last twelve years than I could possibly have gotten out of a week or two of reading technical information and watching Thwack training videos.


          Either way, if you use the links provided and do a thorough job of going through them, utilizing all the resources that are available to you, I believe you'll find enough information to pass the SCP exam on your first try.


          I used all 90 minutes to complete the 77 questions, and leveraged all the resources I had available during the test--it's "open book", on-your-honor.  Multiple computers, multiple monitors, documents I set aside ahead of time, links to online resources I had up in the background in case I needed to quickly reference them.  Keep in mind that not all the SCP resources you may find on the Internet are reputable and/or accurate.


          The fact that this is "open-book" will cause some folks to take the value of this test with a grain of salt.  Without a proctor monitoring you, without isolating you from the Internet or online documents or IP Subnet Calculators, you don't have to know the information as well as you would to test and become a CCNP, where calculators and Internet access during tests are not allowed.


          If you don't pass it the first time, no worries--you can treat that as a learning experience, and apply what you saw towards studying for a second or third try in the event that you don't pass it immediately.


          IMHO, if you want to better understand the product before buying it, rather than studying for and passing the SCP test, you might be better off by downloading the 30-day evaluation versions, installing them, and starting to learn them via some practical hands-on experience.  Plus, there's nothing like real experience to prepare you for the exam.


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