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    Does the OnCall Calendar Impact Notification Logic?


      I have several Email Alert sources and most of them point to a Group I've called On Call Primary Critical.  On Call Primary Critical group consists of the entire team and uses the On Call Primary calendar.  The escalation is to "Notify group member from selected calendar" and references the On Call Primary calendar; then, if not acknowledged in 20 minutes "Notify select group member" and referencing me.  For all of my people and myself, I have our profile with and email address and wait 0 minutes and notify with an SMS message format.  Basically, send a text to let me know I have an email alert message.  This works perfectly.  However, there is another group for SANS related issues with the escalation of "Notify all group members".  This one doesn't use a calendar.  When the SANS issue occurs, everyone in the group gets an email but no one gets the SMS text message.  Does anyone know why? 


      Mark G