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    How to drop off indirect connections from UDT query without using connectiontype?


      We are scanning our customer's network switches with UDT.

      Primary goal is to get connected workstation location based on switch ports as soon as possible.

      We are using SQL query to get connected devices from switches.

      Query works as it should, but it seems that before workstation appears as direct connection, this takes about 30 minutes.

      If we broad query to indirect connections, we get connection information faster, but workstation is as indirect connection and appears in all switches on L2 to L3 layer path.

      In this case indirect connection information is unusable, because workstation is "connected" on each switch.

      Is there any way to make connection information to update faster?

      Alternative option would be drop off all other switches off from L2 to L3 path, but I haven't yet found way to do that.


      Here is broad search which we are using now:

      Select p2e.endpointid, e.MACAddress, ipc.IPAddress, dns.DNSName, P.Name, P.PortDescription, P2E.VlanID, N.Caption, ConnectionType

      From Orion.UDT.PortToEndpointCurrent p2e

      left outer join Orion.UDT.Endpoint e on e.EndpointID= p2e.endpointid

      left outer join Orion.UDT.IPAddressCurrent ipc on p2e.EndpointId = ipc.EndpointID

      left outer join Orion.UDT.DNSNameCurrent dns on ipc.ipaddressID = dns.IPAddressID

      left outer join Orion.UDT.port P on P.PortID = p2e.PortID

      left outer join Orion.Nodes n on p.Nodeid = n.Nodeid