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    How to enter new license key?


      Hey all,


      I recently took on a new position, and at some point they had LEM set up and running.  I would like to get it updated and back up to a manageable status.  At this point, we are on version 5.6, and the license currently on the appliance is expired.  We DO have a current license for the software through the end of 2017, but I'm not sure how to add the new license key?  I tried to go in directly to the appliance and do an 'upgrade' but it tells me the license is expired so I can't do an upgrade.  I have downloaded the standalone console, and from searching it sounds like I should be able to click "update license", however this option is greyed out for me, as well as the "Activate" and "Save" buttons.  The only thing I can click on is "Cancel". 


      If it matters, I am currently using the desktop console vs 6.0.1.  I was unable to download the console for 5.6.  It just won't download from the customer portal, just leads me to a "page unavailable" screen.


      Thank you!

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          There must have been some issue with the SolarWinds file database as I wasn't able to download any files for quite some time.  However, it just started working for me, and was able to download the 5.6 console, at which point I could click on the 'update license' button.  Hopefully this helps someone in the future!