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    SCP assistance.


      So, from what I can tell, due to work constraints I might have t look for another job soon.  No, this is not because I am bad at my job.  It's because well things happen in business.


      Anyways, I have been trying for the past maybe two months to pass my SCP, but have failed twice.  I am wondering if anyone could maybe provide me with pointers to passing the exam?  I know there's a load of material on here, but if anyone has any particular material that worked for them then please provide me with a link.  That would be most beneficial.



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          We have a bunch of people that us SW every day.  Anyone in that situation should be able to pass the exam with a little extra study.  There are some other  items to study that you may be unaware of, stuff like there are certain sets of Cisco Commands and How-to's in Windows or Unix that you might need to know.  Over all it is a good exam but it does assume you can actually configure SNMP in most supported systems as well as know about SolarWinds I put together a list of resources for users at our company that were interested in taking the exam.  So far I think about 4 of us have passed in the last few months. send  me an in system mail and I can tell you more.

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              I think I know enough (though that remains to be seen) as I built and entire new infrastructure from the ground up for work.  This includes the SQL and windows cluster and configs of my companies applications.  Though I am aware, well, I found it quite easy to build from start to finish, I don't know if this is intended to be a simple process, but it was for me.


              With regards to my core knowledge, such as raw knowledge things like MIPS, I think that's where I am lacking in knowledge and detail.  My networking is pretty good.  Though I haven't touched CCNA since I passed it about three/four years ago. I can still do upto class a subnetting in my head.


              I also personally feel I am constrained on time.  I am aware that it's an open exam, but for me, if I am unsure of the answer, I will seek out multiple avenues for many answers and then try them all to see what answer is more correct.  Which I would gather is just standard practice in the IT world.  Though I know that I cannot change or alter this in anyway, shape and form, the 1st exam I didn't finish all the questions in the time allotted.

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              Leon Adato

              There's always this article (an oldie but a goodie):

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