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      OK, small rant from me. Pre version 12 we had an RC version of the global search product. This was a search box in the navigation. You could search on anything in your environment, you know - like most websites.


      Since v12, we have lost this functionality (yes i understand it wasn't a proper product), and obviously if you weren't testing it - you've never had the ability to search other than the waff node search box. want to jump from 1 node to another? yep, you will have to go back to the home page and type it in. 


      For me, this is absolutely ridiculous for a product the size of Solarwinds. As we use it more, add more modules, nodes, interfaces - the less useful it seems to become, as you are constantly looking for things, having to build views for users that aren't technical, or arsed to learn the convoluted UI


      It is made worse for me as users HAD this functionality per version 12, and it was lost - i believe the performance of OGS was poor in larger environments, but for us was fine. So my question is, does anyone have a work around, or does anyone from SW have a time frame on search? I see from some of the newer bits (netpath, VMAN reccomendations) that the IU is changing, views are loading differently etc - which is obviously great, but basic navigation - it should be easier.




      So if anyone has any ideas for me to make this easier, i'm all ears!