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    Mobile Notifications


      We are noticing that Mobile Notifications are not working properly (iPhones).


      So, wondering how they are suppose to work.


      I am hoping that when a ticket is "Assigned" to a Tech, that Tech would then get a notification on their iPhone (this isn't the case).


      What is happening to us, is when a New Ticket is created, I get Duplicate Notifications. Ticket is Open, and NO Tech has been assigned to the ticket, and I still get duplicate notifications (yes, 2 notifications) of the ticket. IF I assign the ticket to a tech, no notification is sent to their iPhone.


      The Mobile App shows the tickets, and a "Flag" is show on the app with the amount of tickets, but nothing on the Notification screen and no sound (and yes, both are toggled ON in the Mobile App Information window).


      Wondering if anyone does have Notifications working properly. Would like to get some configuration hints.