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    Network Recommendations Customer Data Request


      Greeting SolarWinds Network Community,

      The SolarWinds engineering organization is looking for a few volunteers to help us on a research project for the betterment of all mankind.

      What do we need?

      Your Orion diagnostics - specifically your TopologyConnections table, Nodes* tables, VIM_* tables, and Interfaces tables. (located in the DB folder of your diagnostics)

      The results of this query from your Netflow database (queried through SWIS)

      SELECT SourceIP, DestinationIP, SUM(Bytes) as Totalbits
      FROM Orion.Netflow.Flows
      WHERE TimeStamp > ADDDAY(-1, GETUTCDATE())
      GROUP BY SourceIP, DestinationIP

      You can download and install SWQL Studio to your computer to execute and export the results. https://github.com/solarwinds/OrionSDK/releases

      We are trying to keep this data as anonymous as possible so that we aren't looking at anything you would consider private. Thus we are really just looking at IP addresses and Node IDs.

      When do we need it by?

      We are looking for candidates before the end of November 2016.

      What makes a good candidate?

      1. You own NPM, NTA, and probably SAM.
      2. You are monitoring servers in your Orion system.
      3. You are getting netflow for your internal network traffic with extra bonus points for traffic internal to your VM hosts.
      4. You have virtual machines, hosts, and data centers monitored by your Orion installation.
      5. You have topology data in your Orion database that accurately represents your network topology. (If not then we can work around this if you have a diagram of your network)
      6. You have lots of network traffic.
      7. You run multi server applications in your network (e.g. a web server that accesses a database server, a distributed micro service application, a highly available, disaster recoverable application)
      8. You want solarwinds to analyze your network and give you recommendations to optimize your network/server deployments.

      How will you get the data to us?

      We can just use leapfile and the existing ways that SolarWinds support uses to get diagnostics from you today.


      Type: support@solarwinds.net in the text box for uploading

      Upload your diagnostics and query results CSV file.

      Tag you upload with note "SolarWinds Research"

      Private message me when you have uploaded content and I will communicate back and forth with you over email.

      What will you get?

      The research team is going to produce an analysis of your network topology and the behavior of flows through your network and make recommendations on how to improve your network deployment.

      Thwack Points! The thwack team says that they will help me make this worth your while in thwack points.

      What will we do with your data?

      We will not share your data or results with anyone but you.

      We will not distribute your data to any other partners.

      We simply want to understand better the topology of our customers and the data flow across their networks.


      Please private message me if you are interested or have any questions. Or just reply to this thread and I'll PM you.