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    I've got a couple more questions for NOC views


      After some review and other people looking at the designed NOC views, we've had a couple more things brought up for discussion.


      Item number one - I know I can change the width of a resource in a NOC view.  Is there a way that I haven't found to also change the height, either on it's own or proportional to the width of the resource?  The resource under discussion is the Top XX Countries, where XX is 10.


      Item number two - On the Top 10 Utilization resources (by interface in this case), it gives a received and transmitted percentage.  Is that the peak or the average for the interface?  If it is the average, can I get the peak value for the time period displayed without having to completely rewrite the resource for the NOC view?


      Item number three - is there a way to selectively remove views from the NOC views and put them back in at a later time without deleting the one or more views that you wish to have disappear at the time?  Something like a check box to include the view right now, unchecked to not display it?


      Thanks, in advance, for any assistance.