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    multi-device chart / graph



      I am using Network Performance Monitor.


      I'd like to learn how to setup a graph with multiple devices. I am troubleshooting an issue & need to correlate behavior on one device vs another. More specifically, I need to show that nodes on one side of a service has much lower latency than devices on another side of the service. Also, it would be great to demonstrate that through various other conditions, such as switch port utilize on a particular node.


      Right now I have multiple graphs, that I adjust zoom on to account for the same time period. Then I have to use screenshots or output to excel to show comparable time period. However, that is time consuming and doesn't make the case as well.


      Ideally, I would be able to add the metrics (latency, packet loss, interface bps) for difference nodes on the same chart, as difference colored axis. Then I can zoom in on a specific time period and see what all the nodes were doing for that time in one chart.


      Is there a way to do that? Create a chart that utilizes data from multiple nodes?