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    IPAM chart? Er...embedded chart. I am unsure.  Advice please.


      Good afternoon. 


      I am wondering if you could possibly assist me in an issue I am having.  We are building a new sharepoint infrastructure and would like some solarwinds embedded 'stuff' included in it.  Some of this would be a chart tat's embedded in a frame within IPAM itself.  For the love of me, I cannot find the element to embed it into a new web page.  Forgive the name, I was angry because my mouse pointer was being ridiculous.


      Anyways, below is how I would like it to look in a dynamic fashion - so that if you remove or add and IP address it will adjust the figures as per.


      Right now I have tried to remove the item via the inspection tool.  I thought of other things that didn't work  - such as copy and paste the whole item into a new web page.  Small things like that.

      For the love of me, I have no idea how they have hid it, but they have done a very good job with it.


      Has anyone had the fortune of doing what I would like to do?  If so, how was it done?