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    Reporting on Oracle DBs - How to pull data from Oracle User Experience Monitor, or query Oracle database(s) directly to use it in a custom report (using SAM)?


      Hello everyone,


      I am semi-new to the Solarwinds community, as far as customization/administration is concerned, and I'm having a rough go of it trying to find information I need to create reports for our databases.


      I feel like I may be missing something here.


      Basically, I want to create a daily DBA check list of sorts. Ideally, the report would include information on our SQL Servers, as well as Oracle servers, and pertinent information to that application/set of servers (EX: tablespace usage > 85% [Oracle], data file usage > 85% [SQL], disk/LUN/mount utilization > 90%, etc.). This would act as a proactive report which would be sent out daily, so that our oncall DBA can address anything that may become an issue down the line if not fixed. I have stumbled my way through to get the basics of what I want to use via SWQL queries for SQL Server instances; however, I have not been able to find any useful information on how (or where) to get information from our Oracle servers into the report.


      Is there some way that I can either pull data out of the Oracle User Experience Monitors, or query the databases directly through a report?


      I can't seem to find a table in the back-end where this information would be stored, or even how to get at it through the interface(s) so that I can fit it into the report. I am a SQL Server DBA by trade, so I am fairly comfortable with SQL queries and getting the information I need normally, but I don't even know where to start to get the information for Oracle out of Solarwinds/SAM.


      Any help would be appreciated!