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    Outage alerts, etc?


      I was wondering if anyone has implemented a way to make a space on their front page to allow for current outages, etc. We're currently having one and rather than sending a company-wide email for something not a lot of people use I thought it would be friendlier to have an outage alert on the ticket entry page. I tried messing with the CSS but I'm not good at it yet. At least, I can't figure out where in the code to insert the text and not have it break everything else.


      Halp ples?



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          I'm assuming you're not talking about an outage that's affecting the Service Desk itself, but another outage (Exchange is down, etc.)

          If this is the case...you can definitely leverage two options to your advantage!
          Messages can be posted to the Service Desk which will appear on the authentication page for all users. This will allow users to click the Public Message that states "Exchange is down; we are working diligently to resolve this issue as quickly as possible", etc.


          Login Message (Settings>General>Login Message) can also be used to display a message without requiring user interaction/clicks.

          Our organization uses both methods for the greatest chance of being read. I hope this helps!


          - Eric

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