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    Using Solarwind for IT inventory.



      We're trying to use solarwinds to maintain our IT inventory.

      generating customized report using the builtin Cisco 3750 Stack Physical Entity as a template provide a very limitted informations on what we're trying to achieve.

      Our goal is to able to generate inventory report that includes the following:

      - Node ID

      - IP address

      - Vendor

      - Operation system / firmware version

      - Serial number

      - RAM  (Total RAM capacity not used or free RAM)

      - CPU 

      - Storage (Total Storage capacity not used or free Storage)


      How can we create a report like that ?


      We have the following type of equipments : Cisco, Riverbed, Broacade, Windows Servers, VMware, IBM storage and IBM enclosures.

      We have the following Solarwinds modules : NPM, SAM, NCM