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    Create node with credential set


      Is there a way to create nodes with an existing credential set? I'm looking through the documentation and not seeing any sort of relationship for Orion.Nodes to Orion.Credential. Am I just missing something?


      In my python code I'm doing this to grab credential sets:


      cred_sets = swis_obj.query('SELECT ID, Name FROM Orion.Credential')['results']


      But I can't seem to find a way to pass this as a property to create a new node using it.

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          The CredentialIDs for nodes are kept in the Orion.NodeSettings entity, which has a key/value structure. The SettingName for WMI credential sets is "WMICredential" and the SettingNames for SNMPv3 credential sets are "ROSNMPCredentialID" (used for read options like polling) and "RWSNMPCredentialID" (used for read/write operations like administratively shutting down an interface).


          To supply a credential set ID in discovery, see the Discovery · solarwinds/OrionSDK Wiki · GitHub page.


          To supply a credential set ID when adding a node, first add the node with no credentials, then add the appropriate entry (using the NodeID for the newly-created node) to Orion.NodeSettings.