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    Infoblox connector


      I have looked in the console and read through the documentation and I cannot find any mention of an Infoblox connector. I have Google searched and cannot find any instructions on how to ingest syslog from Infoblox. Does anybody know if it can be done?


      I can see the logs coming in via the CMC>application>checklogs feature but I don't what do to next.


      Any help is appreciated.


      Thanks in advance!



        • Re: Infoblox connector

          If it is not listed as a connector then this would be a Feature Request to add this coverage.  Best thing to do would be to open up a support case because they will be wanting to collect information from you.  There is a normalization process to map the log lines to proper events.  Additionally support may suggest that you put it up as a request on Thwack so that others can say me too for adding Infoblox.

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