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    Allowing Non-Technician Approvers to Make Notes


      When I setup an approval process how can I allow approvers to make notes without voting? Our approval process often has discussion occurring before before a vote is cast, and we would like that discussion to occur attached to the ticket. Ideally, with all of the notes being broadcast out to all approvers. However, the approvers do not have/need technician access to the system.

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          So, I finally figured out a way to do this. In case anyone else needs to accomplish this here is how.


          Essentially you add the approver's as CC to the ticket and then allow people in CC to add notes


          1. Enable people in CC to add notes Settings -> Ticket -> Options -> Allow Non-User CC Updates

          2. Create an Action rule to add approver's as CC Settings -> Processes -> Action Rules -> New

              Select your criteria

              Set Actions to Edit ticket and add the appropriate users in the CC box. (Make sure the other boxes are filled in as desired.)


          You are now done.

          Note: This will wipe out Client supplied CC. If that is a deal breaker in your situation sorry I still don't have a solution for you.

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