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    Problem opening attachments


      When I click some attachments in WHD I get a new webpage with the following:

      PK     !:ÐìØÀ à   [Content_Types].xml ¢  (  ´–MÓ0 †ïHü‡ÈWÔ¸Ë !Ôt | a% ‰«kOZ ÛcÙÓÝí¿gò)„²›B›K¤dfÞ÷ñØòdsûä]ñ)[ •¸)×¢€ ÑØ°¯Äû/«÷¢È¤‚Q  Tâ YÜn_¿ÚÜŸ"ä‚«C®Ä(~2ë x•KŒ 8RcòŠø5íeTú—Úƒ|»^¿“  A  5 b»ù µ::*>?ñçŽ$Ë¢øØ%6^•P1:« q\> ó—˪w(¹²ÍÉ  ó N rÒ¡‰<oÐ×}ÃÖ$k ¸s‰¾*ÏyÒ “‘ ÕÑseÙ²Ì 'ÖµÕ0Ö7j1¡†Œ¹ÇÞ•cÄ+  Þ) }Ì„Þ§wÒ Ø»„1ß\Œ3Š6zÈÂØÃg{ Ž~ ‰É¯ßŒqz "ÓÉa¾>A§;o D\° @¯<‹ð »ï‹Qü!> R#R@Zb7FéY  f!†Ay A£o  @ ”ÏFhï= f9”Áá¬Ó éò›jòl@:ßýÔÎÁ  ½ô,D ŒK tº³öÄs ºçå ÑʼdÉ™ítâÓ˜þcÍÃ`oªWñ¬±4:²ôÅëƒþdÿ«w7J¯4‘'Ìeû ¶ý ÿÿ PK     !™U~ þá    _rels/.rels ¢  (  ¬’MK 1 †ï‚ÿ!̽;Û*"ÒÝ^DèMdý C2û› ’©¶ÿÞ(Š.Ôµ‡ 3yçÉ3CÖ›½ Õ+Ç4xWÁ²(A±ÓÞ ®«à¹yXÜ‚JBÎÐè Wpà ›úòbýÄ#InJý ’Ê —*èE bÒ=[J… ìòMë£%ÉÇØa ýB ãª,o0þf@=aª© nÍ ¨æ ø ¶oÛAó½×;ËNŽ<¼ v†Í"ÄÜ eÈÓ¨†bÇRñú1— R EF  7Znô÷´hYȐ j yÞç#1'´<犦‰ ›7  š¯òœÍõ9mô.‰·ÿ¬ç3󄓏Y¿ ÿÿ PK     !ËÛ¡ä{ K    word/_rels/document.xml.rels ¢  (  ¬•MOÃ0 †ïHü‡*wšv|£u»Ò®0$®Yêv M\% lÿžÀh×}E rô Åï ÛI†ã¥ª£w0¶B±4NX Zb^é2c/Ódz  Y : 5jÈØ , NO†OP r›ì¼jlä²h›±9Qsǹ•sPÂÆØ€v+  %È…¦äo¢ >H’+nú9Øh+g4É3f&¹óŸ® øMn,ŠJÂ=Ê… M ,¸Dõµd]NaJ ŒµJìr1~ != É@n/l¾Ãµ˜ú ‚2XZÕЫÂ:öÙ_‡´ k¤>@«xÛ08 *iÐbA±ë揽³MÓ Û °©{¥_Ç>ËcŽ:µ^¨  w±6 ä=wÐ °°„êÕ¹u q¼QyE ¼sx ’¦@¤Iè$oI‚Ö¤@MS1ëF'ù(.CB|Àì ˆÜ,ôŠÑ ½åHB7 ÌvGÀx‡â"èã´W†Vñ!Üþóqh?‚‡%¹Ç òý/¢]i)øÖ 8ú ÿÿ PK     !UOé שTÙ  word/document.xmlì}ÙrÛH¶àûDÌ? ôÒv M W÷-Ýà¦nß¹írØ®¨¸ó2 ‚) m `c‘¬zªßèˆîŸ«/™sNfb#@B”@@ ü`I\™'ϾþÇ~ßÚÊ ó|Ëu~ºP»½ …9¦»¶œÛŸ.~ùzýn|¡øá¬ ÛuØO  Ì¿øÏ«ÿý¿þãþýÚ5Ã-s   áøïïwæO › ؽ¿¼ôÍ Û ~wk™žë»7A×t·—î͍e²Ë{×[_j=µG¿í<×d¾ ëÍ çÎð/Äã¶ûOsẃ7o\ok ð§w{¹5¼oáî <}g ÖÊ²à žÝ ÊǸ?]„žó^<â]´!üÊ{¾!ñC~Ã+³.ÿÊB@€V¼ô˜ {p cíâcœú4xs# rwè w[[~î~§öŸv  ϸ‡ ñ ËlÍ¿´µùÎ ?Q핸 |Dô2[H¯)w²5,'^ø$Ð$€«  ÷-û€ÝíÓ.ç/ž îâ§YO{Ú ç[ô,¤ìG<k\rÒhÞÓ6ÓecÌ€ ·ÆÛ ·ŽË + v w¦Ô dË‹+À8+wÝ€?wÐrŸÝÎÐŒ k`zÊb¬÷®Û ÔjÀ¾ ØÊhÜƑwß w[ÞÉ¢×» iƑ ›ðá †ozpéó¿(_-ðaxi3uüäkô="Óµ]/Zþñ7Bù"‚Üføâ¥Xæ2:7ÿïŒKß¿ ®¾ü|ýõ×éç¥ò·éçÿ³üúáã_ð퀈v’s5l ñý½ üÓÅÎc" ; hvyøÎÇì;뿇~ðٺݠ œuæÍ¿›ò   óø« ߈w="" Ü="" ~¿´`7fh øÎh4 õg´Ê?îµ{?wÀsmøaÃç..ñ-#="">óîØÅ•2ýËçåòoˏ_S»F˜î£«¶XL§ mù$tM@  t}f gq0 núx2 2͐¹¾œëêDEh¾z¸UC»I2ýº±|ezë1 ŠÊ! Ž†£ù¼ Mn'è(k#`kÅð ÷Fùñ¿Ž Bf˜ÝaµÛ)à o‚ Sþøý_Ë› f Ö S °ç?~ÿ÷[ €¹5ÖLY=( a++ Ü3æ( ]/ØÜXÌ^+  ®å€Z©| ‚ õ;ðªÙU å#»Wþ Twö ˜®· ±‰Ÿë(÷V°Q,8Ýγ ÓÚ ¶Bâ·þ c¾b Š¦L Ûp ËT¦wÌ Ù¡õ #m¼¬zc eæú  ïoS¥§©j¯ ¸³a ³ ã t Ä¡ ¾ ⶠ”š¶œö*†YÁ–ç óáž? ¦{Ê‚Ý1ÛÝ¡YÓ € Ó ÇÌ @•/}òž ÒI$ õzÊÂò Ï2ƒ ”ñœk ë́—L°$¦žeØYèÌBÏ •,"RuÜÓ« ρ  þ ¬ªEð«,oøo@bÇg$Yº©½\æêSCuv=› Ÿf6½B=TÕ Ë‘6 ¶p+‚[帟O¿þuùy9ý²Ç´üá _[xdèY%¼Oô…À¸¥-2 u]¸´¹ <Ð…=Óóv6쟳§Š9 h Y~ ϐù£¦›CE؉ìÞYk`f Ê 1v.d¦×ƒÙpr*k?´Uø4Œd#ß|`¶íÞgaêï˜ ¢Áú Ç° @› ] ¯þÞ𘠸® šºgùß@Éw×ÌöIÇ''1|'úà:֐   WEà“¦ëøÀ-@äY°üyO½Ìg„Úd°œL jË  '@´…6ŸôG¨9%à6Ô—‹ñbpÝÂí 8~D€HU ˆÓ·àm æfr$Z ,.ç–Á›Ö / — ƒ ûš:kà0374Á([ã;è.  ì©Ãwjï:þª ÞkÃ÷½Þÿbï‰



      no option to save. These are word docs and pdfs, nothing special. others on our team are having the same issues.