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    Is There A Way To View The Status Of The Entire Network/SolarWinds Environment, At Any Given Moment In History?


      Hopefully I do not make this an overly complicated question, as I tend to do.


      Basically, I need to be able to see exactly how everything in our SolarWinds environment looked at a specific time in the past. Similar to the way NTA shows the current data, or you can select a time frame, and see a snapshot back in time. Also similar to the new NetPath feature, where you can click back on the time line, and see a snapshot of that moment in time.


      I know all of the events, alarms, syslog, etc. are still in the db, and that is currently what I use, however, I would like to be able to see all of that data as it existed in NPM/NCM/SAM/etc. at that same moment. I don't really want to have to setup something in WPM to trigger a screenshot every time an alert, or event trigger.


      While I may just be a horrible searcher, I did search for similar topics, but was unable to locate anything useful.

      So, is there some hidden gem, best practice, secret code, or even a blatantly obvious feature, that I have missed? Or, does this need to be turned into a feature request?


      Here is a link to a post that is as close to the same topic as I could find...
      Historical View of Applications



      And here is a link to the feature request I created:

      Historical Snapshot, Viewing Your Entire SolarWinds Environment As It Was At Any Given Moment