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    IPAM CIDR Change doesn't update Subnet


      We are currently using version 4.3.2


      I noticed this morning that IPAM wasn't displaying the full range of IP addresses in a manually created subnet I had. I had created a /24 subnet as a placeholder and then a few days later my network team updated me and told me it was actually a /23. I edited the subnet and changed the CIDR to a /23 and then forced it to rescan. After subsequent scans I noticed the subnet was only displaying the original /24. I rechecked the properties and it shows it correctly as a /23 and even states '510 Hosts, 10.x.0.0 to 10.x.1.255.


      Is this a bug in IPAM? Is anyone else seeing the same issue? I know that if I delete the subnet and recreate it it is fine, but I don't want to have to do that and lose the history of that subnet.



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          Been there - certain aspects in the database are permanent...  I have talked to support several times about these "ghost" entries, and deleting them from the console doesn't always get rid of the bogus data.  To be absolutely sure the best option is to delete it from the DB, then re-create it correctly.

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            So when you increased the range size from a /24 to a /23 did you click add the IP address range. When you click this then you can add the IP address of the whole range and it will fill in the missing IP addresses. consequently when you go from a /23 to a /24 then IPAM will automatically delete all the IP address and information that is outside the new range.