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    The Active Diagnostics program was n ot found in the Registry on Addittional Web Server (AWS)


      Hi Everyone,


      I try to execute Active Diagnostics on my Addittional Web Server with NPM 11.01 but when I push Run Active Diagnostics button I recive this PopUp message with this message "The Active Diagnostics program was not found in the Registry. This may be result of a corrupt installation. If you want to run Active Diagnostics, you should reinstall your Solarwinds Products to reinstall the Active Diagnostics executable.


      Is the third "clean install" that I made of SW AWS and I recive the same error. After each installation I reinstall this products but just simple doesn't work.



      Any suggestion to follow ?


      Thanks in advance for your help, any kind of help will be appreciate.




      Gustavo Villanueva