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    Copy Discovery Job


      I am trying to discover how to copy a discovery job, change it's name and subnet and add it.  Any ideas on how you would go about this?


      I have a discovery job defined and I have about 150 of these to make.  The only difference in each of the discoveries is the name and the subnet.





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          This is not something the API supports today.

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            I went around with this b/c my discovery jobs got deleted even though there were instances scheduled for the future (polling settings - Discovery profiles will be deleted from the database after configured days -> set this in thousands)

            I tested this pretty thoroughly and was not able to successfully copy or cookie cutter the process...

            I think there are just some back-end managed things like the generated job id and scheduling, etc...that I, at least, couldn't get working properly by manually doing it.


            DEFINITELY do this in sandbox as with any time you are testing with manipulating the DB values, etc..