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    Automatic connector restart


      We have have redundant firewalls that frequently fail-over.  When this happens the configured LEM connector will drop its connection with the firewall log server.  Would be great to have a way to have LEM realize it hasn't received an event from a node in 'x' amount of time and allow us to configure it to restart that connector if event hasn't been received in user specified timeframe.

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          What type of firewall is this?  It sounds like it is Checkpoint and not something that is sending syslog.  The connector watches the syslog log file that the firewall sends data to and does not care what data is being sent to it.

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            nicole pauls

            There are some OPSEC session errors where the connector is supposed to automatically reconnect. If this isn't what you're seeing, I'd file a support request/bug report, because it's not supposed to fail like that. (For example, if you reboot the management station/firewall, the connector does disconnect, but then it enters a reconnect cycle and is supposed to pick back up. However, security errors are assumed fatal and it does NOT retry unless you manually push the button. That case seems unlikely if it works when you manually start it...)