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    Upgradation of Solarwinds products


      Hi Friends,


      Currently we are running with NPM 10.7, SAM 6.1.0, NCM 7.3,IPAM 4.1 and IVIM 1.9.0 all are in the same server, DB on separate server and we have 3 APE's for all applications.


      I am planning to upgrade to latest version and additionally after upgrade installing NTA tool as well.


      In order to bring them to the latest version we have to do 3 times upgrade as per the solarwinds upgrade adviser.


      Considering below current configuration ,could any one confirm how much time will it take for each component upgrade?


      1. Good hardware (160 GB RAM on solrwinds and DB server)

      2. 5,000+ Nodes getting monitoring.

      3. Current Database Size is 390 GB (because the Database setting is notas per the solarwinds recommended setting).



      Thanks in advance.



      Chandra Kumara